Frequently Asked Questions

Our most frequently asked questions, answered for you.

Getting Started

Yes, send an email to or submit a contact form and we will answer any questions you may have.

Yes, sign up to poke around the admin panel, or contact us at to schedule a walk-through of our product.

Ask them if they like doing very little work with high dividends (just kidding). But seriously, there is no other fundraiser with a matched earning potential (google it). We are more than happy to jump on a conference call and talk through any issues. We are flexible, able, and willing to share our offering with anyone.

Yes, this is a common practice by smaller groups. You’re welcome to team up and split the earnings and fundraiser overhead. Please let us know ahead of time so we can work out a few details prior to sending you the fundraiser tickets.

No. We recommend working as a team to sell as many tickets as possible. If you’d like, you can create groups within the admin console to help segment the ticket sales and distribute fundraiser money accordingly. If multiple groups run unique fundraisers, they are essentially competing with each other which creates twice the overhead.

Currently, no. We are, however, developing an NCAA fundraiser that operates just like the NFL fundraiser. If you would like to stay in the loop for when that become available, sign up for our newsletter.

Fundraiser Basics

No, we work hard at keeping our overhead as low as we can so we can pass the savings on to our partners.

Technically, yes, but we highly recommend that you do not. This is a well tested and balanced system. The suggested donation amount is a research based recommendation.The payouts are such, that your community feels like they have a chance at actually getting something of value — cash. A fair amount of cash.

No, and as a matter of fact, if you do not at least break even, we will waive your licensing fee for the next year. We do our best to work with and for our users, so flexibility is a priority. Please note, that the license fee must be received by AllStar Fundraiser before the conclusion of the first week games for winners to be announced.

We can’t provide a solid answer to this as taxes vary from state to state. Contact your accountant for specific tax laws in your area.

Math, there are 32 teams in the NFL, this is a pick 3 raffle, add a fun formula and you will end up with 4960 unique ticket combinations.

There are 4,960 unique combinations of tickets each year. If each ticket is exchanged for $20, that will gross $99,000. Your group will have $8,550 total in payouts and a $2,000 licensing fee. $99,000 – $10,550 = $88,450. Your group can net $88,450, if they sell all of their tickets. The average group raises $37,000 per year.


Once you’ve signed up for the fundraiser, sign in to your dashboard. In the top right corner, there is an account status button. Click the button, enter the text you wish to have printed on your tickets, and then press the order button.

As early as you think is reasonable. We recommend you get the tickets into the hands of your student groups before summer break. Take advantage of family reunions, state fairs, block parties, etc. All of the stuff that happens over summer is a great place to distribute tickets!

While this has not happened yet, we are beginning to prepare for when it does. If this becomes a serious desire, let us know and we will find a viable solution.

Tell your friends they should show their support by purchasing a ticket as well. Be a champion! Also, you can visit the fundraiser website that is printed on your ticket for more information, ticket search, and to view winners.

Are you sure? Check your ticket score on your group’s page. Teams with bye weeks will receive the previous weeks score. If you are still confident a mistake was made, contact the group from which you received your ticket. They will be able to walk you through what happened. If they’re not sure they’ll contact AllStar Fundraiser directly to gain deeper insights and report back to you.

The fundraiser organizers should reach out to you after each week. You can check your ticket scores at the URL listed on your ticket or on our tickets page. Check your ticket


YES! Please submit it to, or send the suggestion via the contact form. We love hearing from our partners about ways to make fundraising easier.

Core functionality is usually updated once a year between, February and March. User interface and user experience are tweaked much more frequently, so we do several minor releases prior to August. We avoid making any changes during the raffle season unless a major issue arises.

As long as you have a fundraiser license, you can use the site builder and the website all year. It’s yours to customize – change the content, move things around, modify the colors, and make it yours.